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What is 'biometric' face recognition? What is 'biometric' face recognition?

Biometric face recognition works by using a computer to analyze a subject's facial structure. Face recognition software takes a number of points and measurements, including the distances between key characteristics such as eyes, nose and mouth, angles of key features such as the jaw and forehead, and lengths of various portions of the face. Using all of this information, the program creates a unique template incorporating all of the numerical data. This template may then be compared to enormous databases of facial images to identify the subject.

This technology is planned to be used in airports across the world, this is why each country has set their own criteria which is pre programmed into their biometric software. If the criteria is not met such as a presence of shadows on or around the head, an open mouth or the head size not being within the programs specified range, then the computer will reject your photo and you will have to re-take it until all criteria is met, costing time and money.

What does the guarantee cover? What does the guarantee cover?

The ID Photoshop guarantees that the photo will meet all of the criteria stated in the official photo regulations guide for a specified country/institution/company. If you are rejected, please provide proof of the rejection (written or otherwise) to us and we will re-take the photo or give you your money back.

How long does it take to get the photos? How long does it take to get the photos?

It should take about 5 minutes, from taking the photo to printing and cutting it. This time will increase if the type of photo is of a higher complexity, such as a Canadian passport, which is a different size to UK passport (50x70mm), but also requires an official stamp at the back of the photo (takes about 10 mins). Another complex photo is a Chinese passport photo, which requires a 48x33mm size and a head height of between 28-33mm, and also a head width of 21-24mm. These are only 2 countries which are very different from each other, but believe us there are more!

Do I need to book an appointment? Do I need to book an appointment?

It is not essential to book an appointment; we are a shop style photo studio, so you can literally walk in and get a photo taken. But you can book by calling us, if you have a tight schedule on that day. This will also allow you to find out if any other person has booked for that time and if the time you intend to come in is a busy/unadvisable time if you are in a rush.

Why does one countries photo specifications/size differ from another? Why does one countries photo specifications/size differ from another?

We don't know for sure, but it could be as simple as one country is different from another and there is no joint agreement on a set of generic photo criteria. Also it maybe a security tactic, so it makes it harder for forgeries to create false documents/passports.

Should I bring a copy of the photo requirements with me? Should I bring a copy of the photo requirements with me?

This is advisable and not just for peace of mind. There are cases where the customer has been misinformed or has just mistaken one photo type for another e.g. citizenship photos with immigration photos (an easy mistake to make). And of course there can be a communication lag, where photo requirements have recently changed a day or so before and the change notification has not got back to us yet.

Why does the price vary, depending on the country? Why does the price vary, depending on the country?

Prices start from £6, this is for a majority of photos. But there are certain types of photos that take more than the estimated 5 minutes, which can take quite a bit longer. Also there are countries that require more photos than other. But rest assured, we price fairly and accordingly.
For baby/child photos we add an extra pound and for people who have babies and young children, i'm sure they will agree it's well worth it! Babies and children are notoriously hard to take photos of and usually take longer to snap correctly.

How many photos do I get in a set? How many photos do I get in a set?

This again varies depending on the size of the photo, specified by the country/institution. A majority of the time a set consists of 4. But for larger photos such as US/Canadian, a set consists of 2 (2 is the required amount).

I just need a standard UK passport; can't I use a booth or a shop that has a passport photo camera? I just need a standard UK passport; can't I use a booth or a shop that has a passport photo camera?

Well yes you can, but at The ID Photoshop we use old school methods coupled with new technology to ensure there is no shadows on or around the head, the photo has the correct positioning and head size, if the glasses you wear are suitable for the photo and your facial expression is suitable etc. Some of these common problems are prevented through our technology in store and some by our photographer��s expert knowledge. And of under a pound more than a photo booth, it��s not going to break the bank. Remember that the photo will be there for 10 years! And for driving licences, who knows!! So a flattering photo is a major plus.

You might not know it yet, but ID photos such as your passport, visa and driving license photos are being and have been taken up a few levels in complexity.

Its surprising how many people don't know you can't smile or show any teeth in you official photo, due to biometric face software being implemented in a vastly growing number of countries. did you know?

If you did know, do you wonder what other regulations your country has put in place for your ID photos? We know...

At ID Photoshop, it is our job to do the research for each particular country, so you don't have to.  This is why we guarantee* that our photos meet the strict requirements for your official photos.

Because of these, now necessary rules, many people are getting their applications rejected by their government for not complying with these regulations put in place, therefore wasting money and most importantly time.  We know this from our customers telling us their stories after being referred to us, after they have been rejected one, two or more times!

This is where we become really useful.  We have a walk in photographic studio needed for good quality photos, the knowledge to adhere to the biometric requirements of your country, we are located in a central location for easy access and with photos from £6 we are reasonably priced.

If you just want passport size photos for unofficial uses such as interview/CV purposes, gun license, travel pass, gym membership, security pass, age proving ID card etc. than we can also help.  Our photographic studio will produce a respectable, flattering picture to be proud of (not a 'mug shot��, as so many people call their passport size picture).
  * Please provide written proof of the reason for the embassies/consulates rejection of photos.  
Did you know?
ID Photoshop is located 5 minutes walking distance from many Embassies/Consulates. We can provide you with quick professional guaranteed photos before you go to your destination.

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