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Passport photos Passport photos

Specifications vary widely between countries, we have expert knowledge and facilities, so all you need to do is bring yourself. It is advisable to look at the specifications before hand, so you know how to present yourself e.g. hair/fringe clipped or tied to show your full face. Please feel free to call/text us to find out what you need to prepare for the photo shot.

Visa Photos Visa Photos

A countries visa photos may vary from their passport photo requirements. A country such as Belgium requires 35x45mm photos and 32-36mm chin to crown requirement for passport photos, but 2x2 inch photos and 25-35 chin to crown requirements for visa photos. Please don't take the chance if you have some passport photos already, pop in and show us your existing photos and we will check if they are of the correct specifications.

Professional Studio Photography Professional Studio Photography

We have a separate photo studio for all professional studio photography. Whether it be a profile shot for a website, a full body shot for a portfolio or a family photo for the home. Whatever the photo you need - we will provide professional, creative and tailored photos at a surprisingly reasonable price: as per usual. So call us to have a chat and book a time.

Driving License Photos Driving License Photos

Driving license photos may vary from the photo size/requirements of a countries passport or visa photo. For example one of the Australian passport photo requirements is for the measurement from your chin to crown to be between 32-36mm, but for an Australian New South Wales driving license head measurement it is required that the chin to crown must be approx 30mm and from ear to ear to be approx 20mm. But also the Australian Victoria driving license requirements also vary (and these are just 2 states in Australia!).

Interview/CV/Audition photos Interview/CV/Audition photos

We can advise you on the type of shot/pose, dependent on the purpose of your photos. For example if it is for an interview for a bank than a more conservative approach would be taken. But for an dance/acting audition your personality should be shown through the photo, so when the director/decision maker(s) is deciding on the cut the photo can jog a good memory of your performance audition. This is why more and more companies are requesting photos on applications, to put a name to a face, making the choice simpler.

Baby/Child Photo Baby/Child Photo

It is notoriously hard to successfully take a child or baby photo, never mind taking one with all the regulations introduced for passport/visa photos. We have patient and skilful photographers that can guide the parents/guardians to enable the photographer to take a correct biometric photo.

ID/Membership/Pass Photo ID/Membership/Pass Photo

The quality of the photos we take are of good/clear quality and are taken with professional studio equipment. There will be no more shame or embarrassment in showing you identification card anymore! And no one will question if that is actually you anymore...

Bulk Passport/Visa Photos for businesses Bulk Passport/Visa Photos for businesses

As many company employees and executives travel for business, we can provide a larger amount of photos to how ever many countries you are travelling to, at a corporate rate. Please call, text or visit us to discuss your needs and how we can be of service to you.

Bulk Security/ID Photos for Businesses and Office Buildings Bulk Security/ID Photos for Businesses and Office Buildings

As security is always an important issue to keep all information confidential and employee��s safe, ID photo quality is an essential factor in keeping unwanted people from getting into places they should not be. Biometric technology is being increasingly utilised in company/office buildings to log every person��s facial features that are working in that building. If a fake pass is somehow created or a stolen pass is used and is scanned into the security barrier in the foyer, the face in the database will not match the face on the person who is at the barrier trying to get in. In this current time, security is at its highest and most important so far. Call us now to find out what we can do to provide ID's for your new or existing building/office.

Photocopying Photocopying

You can photocopy all you documents, passports, certificates etc here.
Note: we cannot colour photocopy any official documents, passports, driving licenses. It is now illegal to do so.

Faxing Faxing

Faxes can be sent or received here.
Note: numbers will be checked for premium/high rate numbers and maybe refused for this reason.

Document Printing Document Printing

You can pop in and print out your documents from a memory stick or your email account. This will be useful for people who are on the way to a meeting and need to print out their notes/speech, to a person on the way to an embassy who needs to fill out the application form before getting there. The scenario varies, so keep us in mind; you never know when you may need this service in a rush.

Laminating Laminating

Important documents such as birth, marriage and other important certificates are vulnerable to wear and tear through time, you can laminate your documents here and have them water proof and air tight in minutes. We have introduced this service after seeing many important documents; a lot were very old, literally falling apart in-front of us. Please, if you can't get to us try to get them laminated somewhere or put them in a plastic sleeve to protect them (they are very hard to re-obtain and it will be inconvenient and possibly costly to replace).

Shredding Shredding

You can get your credit cards or ID cards etc. cross shredded in-front of you in second, so you know there can be no identity fraud under your name and details. Of course we provide the standard and quick shredding service for your confidential documents as well.
Note: although we shred ID and credit cards, we do not shred documents or cards with flexible/soft plastic, as this will jam the shredder, so please bare this in mind.

Photo Gifts/Souvenirs Photo Gifts/Souvenirs

We can take lovely portrait/full length photos of you and your friends, family or partner and produce it to any size to fit in a wallet or small photo frame. We can also provide key rings with frames to fit your passport photo size/mini portraits into. This is a lovely souvenir or gift for any occasion and you can also email or bring in your memory stick/card with the picture(s). If you email us the picture we can post the gift to you without you even entering into our store!

You might not know it yet, but ID photos such as your passport, visa and driving license photos are being and have been taken up a few levels in complexity.

Its surprising how many people don't know you can't smile or show any teeth in you official photo, due to biometric face software being implemented in a vastly growing number of countries. did you know?

If you did know, do you wonder what other regulations your country has put in place for your ID photos? We know...

At ID Photoshop, it is our job to do the research for each particular country, so you don't have to.  This is why we guarantee* that our photos meet the strict requirements for your official photos.

Because of these, now necessary rules, many people are getting their applications rejected by their government for not complying with these regulations put in place, therefore wasting money and most importantly time.  We know this from our customers telling us their stories after being referred to us, after they have been rejected one, two or more times!

This is where we become really useful.  We have a walk in photographic studio needed for good quality photos, the knowledge to adhere to the biometric requirements of your country, we are located in a central location for easy access and with photos from £5 we are reasonably priced.

If you just want passport size photos for unofficial uses such as interview/CV purposes, gun license, travel pass, gym membership, security pass, age proving ID card etc. than we can also help.  Our photographic studio will produce a respectable, flattering picture to be proud of (not a 'mug shot��, as so many people call their passport size picture).
  * Please provide written proof of the reason for the embassies/consulates rejection of photos.  
Did you know?
ID Photoshop is located 5 minutes walking distance from many Embassies/Consulates. We can provide you with quick professional guaranteed photos before you go to your destination.


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